Blogging for Philippine 2010 Election

Sunday, August 16, 2009 |

It is about 2 years ago that this blog has been made. Last 2007 Philippine Election, this blog has been so busy collecting information that are available in the net regarding Philippine 2007 election , And I believe I should do the same this Philippine 2010 Election. So to all of you who are posting about the Philippine Election 2010  and you want to collaborate with this site, we could exchange links and I will put a special section in my sidebar telling that you are also blogging for 2010 Election. I would like this site and my News In Philippines site give information about 2010 election. How ever this site will only be related to election and politician that will be joining the bid for 2010 Election in the Philippines.
I also own Philippine 2010 Election but until now I am not yet decided if I am going to use the site or I will just put a feed reader so that it will be constant updated.


orcomkids said...

I've no intention to spam. I would just like to promote this campaign to people.

We are college students and we are promoting something of good cause to the 2010 Philippine Elections.

Kung ikaw ang presidente ng pilipinas, ano ang gagawin mo?

Hindi madaling maging presidente, kaya galingan mong pagpili mo.

mayorramonguico said...

Hmm.. blogging for Philippine 2010 election is a nice idea. I am sure by now, many will also doing that. Anyway, thanks for sharing this post. Keep posting!