The Presidentiables : Nicanor Perlas

Tuesday, December 1, 2009 |

Although Nicanor Perlas has never run for public office, he has been analyzing, reframing, and altering the course of national and global events for over thirty years. He has been altering the political landscape without being a politician. A good example of this has been his work in analyzing, reframing, and altering an important aspect of trade liberalization and globalization in Asia and the Pacific.


Anonymous said...

I have been following Nicanor Perlas' work for years and am quite excited at his presidential bid.

I don't think the impact of his possible election can be overestimated. The Philippines would be making a very progressive gesture with Nicanor's election and positioning itself at the vanguard of international politics.

Perlas is not only a visionary, but also an experienced leader who has the maturity and integrity to create radical and lasting change. I encourage everyone to take a few minutes to check out the official Perlas website at
and get involved!

This is a chance to make a real difference!