The Presidentiables : Noynoy Aquino

Tuesday, December 1, 2009 |

For Senator Benigno “Noynoy” S. Aquino III, democracy restored must be defended without fear and guarded with greatest fervor.

However, while he is a staunch advocate of liberal democracy, he is also a fiscalizer who relentlessly espouses public accountability.

His key legislative initiatives are anchored on the protection of human rights and good governance through increased transparency and public accountability. These are founded on the democratic ideals championed by his parents, former Senator and martyr Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino, Jr. and former President Corazon “Cory” Aquino.

A true working democracy, he says, makes possible not only political freedoms but a better life for all Filipinos. It must be able to provide jobs, education, social services and equitable economic prosperity for everyone, not just the rich, privileged few.

The defense of democracy nearly cost Noynoy his life. He was almost killed during the military coup against President Aquino in 1990 when he met retreating rogue soldiers at the front gates of Malacañang. Three of his bodyguards died while he suffered five bullet wounds. A bullet is still embedded in his neck.

Noynoy served as Congressman of the 2nd District of Tarlac from 1998 to 2007. In 2004, he was stripped of his prestigious post as Deputy House Speaker for Luzon after he joined leaders of the Liberal Party (LP) in calling for the resignation of President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo at the height of the “Hello Garci” scandal.

In May 2007, he ran for Senator and won, placing 6th in the national elections.

As a Senator in the 14th Congress, he chairs the Senate Committee on Local Government.

In the Liberal Party, Senator Aquino held various positions such as Secretary General and Vice Chairman. He is now Party’s Executive Vice President.

Noynoy is a graduate of Economics at the Ateneo de Manila University. He fancies Chinese food and is a shooting and billiards enthusiast.

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Anonymous said...

In 11 years in government, critics note that Aquino has not made any significant contributions to legislation. Several commentators have criticized Aquino for showing little to deserve the presidency aside from his parents' reputations.

At almost 50 years old he has neither a wife nor any children. Moreover, Aquino had lived with his mother, the former president, until her death. To them, this is demonstrates how Aquino has never held any real responsibilities of his own throughout his life.

His support of the Reproductive Health Bill.

Another issue is Noynoy's stake in his family's 7,500 hectare estate, Hacienda Luisita. His mother, the former president Corazon Aquino, was also criticized on these grounds, especially in failing to push for land redistribution reforms given their alleged conflict of interest. These have culminated in the massacre of 12 picketing farmers and 2 children and the injury of hundreds of other protesters at the hands of the Aquino family's personnel as the group demanded fairer wages, employee benefits and, broadly speaking, a greater commitment to land reform around the country. Aquino has so far rejected calls to let go of his stake in the plantation.

mayorramonguico said...

Well, I believe that Nonoy can handle our country if ever he wins.


Anonymous said...

one of his supporter Marian Rivera commented regarding his so called psychatric problem as "alam ko dahil psychology ako" bwahahaha boba!bago ka mag salita mag isip ka muna!