120 Minutes of Advertisement for National Candidates

Saturday, February 6, 2010 |

The national candidates has been warned by COMELEC that they only have 120 minutes to show the campaign in Television.

Under election rules that will take effect during the campaign period, national candidates are limited to only 120 minutes of airtime on television and 180 minutes on radio for the entire campaign. Local candidates are limited to an hour of television airtime and an hour and a half of radio airtime.

The Comelec released late Thursday the campaign rules and regulations for the May elections, saying it was encouraging voters to be vigilant in reporting violations by candidates.

The campaign period starts on Feb. 9 for national candidates and March 26 for local candidates. It ends on May 8, two days before the precincts open on May 10. Source

So I suggest to all candidates to use Internet and social media to dissimintae information to Filipinos.


chan said...

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Net Ads said...

True. They should advertise on the net. Just like this one. :)

Funny video of the presidentiables.


iron said...

Online is far better than in television because today almost everyone is spending 8 hours on the Internet...Specially on social networks..